Becoming a sponsor of SWAY MTB Club means a whole lot more than just writing a check and putting a logo on our swag and website. When your company is a sponsor of SWAY MTB Club you're helping us get more kids on bikes. SWAY MTB is a not-for-profit organization which is led and run 100% by volunteers. All costs for safety equipment, radios, bike racks, tents, coach's training, etc., are paid for by our generous sponsors.

Sponsorship comes in many forms such as cash payments for our team registration fees, coaching supplies, food, and more. Regardless of the support you’re able to give, we’d love to talk more about bringing you and your business into the SWAY MTB Club family as a sponsor.

To get a quick sense of what a typical sponsorship of SWAY MTB might look like, click the red "SWAY MTB Sponsorship Proposal" link to view details of SWAY’s sponsorship and community partners’ proposal.

Keep in mind, we want to make sure our partnership is tailored to fit! This sponsorship proposal document is just a general guide, and we will want to meet with you personally to find a sponsorship structure optimized just for you and your business.

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