To become a coach with any of our middle and high school teamsĀ  through the Georgia Cycling Association, you must be at least 18 years of age. The Georgia Cycling Association has three levels of coach licensing.

  • Level 1 ~ This is the minimum requirement for all adults riding with a Georgia Cycling Team. This license protects volunteers with comprehensive insurance and protects our youth with background checks.
  • Level 2 ~ This is the recommended training level for all adults riding with a Georgia Cycling Teams in a supporting role.
  • Level 3 ~ This level is required for all Head Coaches and Team Directors. All Georgia Cycling Teams are required to have a licensed Head Coach or Team Director. Grace periods apply to first-year teams.

To register as a coach with the Georgia Cycling Association the following steps must be completed:

  1. 1. Contact us and let us know you are interested in coaching.
  2. 2. Register through the HUB and pay registration fee (registration fee provides insurance for the coach while at official team events).
  3. 3. Complete and pay for background check through the HUB.
  4. 4. Complete required online courses.

Once all required items are complete, the coach will be shown as practice ready. Any coach who is not practice ready cannot attend practice.

You can find more information about coaching through the Georgia Cycling Association on their webpage.

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